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ZivPlay Campfire Fire Pit Grill Grate (2023)

Amazon.com Price: $72.97 (as of 11/06/2023 00:12 PST- Details)

Introducing the Campfire Grill Grate, the must-have accessory for outdoor enthusiasts! Customers are raving about this portable grill and grate that makes cooking over an open campfire a breeze. With its heat-resistant and rust-proof construction, it’s built to withstand the toughest cooking conditions. The adjustable height and 360° rotation feature allow for easy switching between…


Experience Ultimate Outdoor Cooking with the Campfire Grill Grate Fire Pit

Are you ready to elevate your outdoor cooking experience? Look no further than the Campfire Fire Pit Grill Grate. This versatile and durable cooking equipment is designed to enhance your camping and BBQ adventures. With its heat-resistant adjustable griddle plate and swivel design, it offers convenience and versatility like no other. Say goodbye to ordinary campfire cooking and unlock your inner chef on-the-go.

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1. Superior Durability and Safety:

Crafted with high-quality alloy steel and a heat-resistant powder coating, the Campfire Grill Grate Fire Pit is built to last. It can withstand high temperatures without melting or rusting, ensuring your cooking experience remains safe and enjoyable. The sturdy fixing pole prevents any accidental falls while cooking, providing peace of mind during your outdoor adventures.

2. Portable and Compact Design:

Designed for convenience, this campfire grill grate can be easily dismantled into five pieces, making it incredibly portable and space-saving. Whether you’re going hiking or camping, this grill grate takes up minimal space in your backpack. Say goodbye to bulky cooking equipment and hello to a compact and lightweight solution that allows you to enjoy delicious meals wherever you go.

The versatile ZivPlay grill grate enhances outdoor cooking experiences, making it a great addition to DIY fire pits constructed using cinder blocks.

3. Height Adjustable and 360° Rotation:

Featuring a sturdy hanger rod and a thicker wire grate, this grill grate provides ultimate flexibility. The height-adjustable design allows you to control the heat and achieve perfect cooking results. Whether you’re heating up a kettle or cooking with a pan, the quick-release knobs make it easy to switch between different heights. With its 360° rotation capability, you can effortlessly adjust the cooking angle for evenly cooked meals.

4. All-in-One Campfire Grill:

No need to carry multiple cooking tools for outdoor adventures. The Campfire Grill Grate Fire Pit is your all-in-one solution. From grilling steaks to boiling water for tea or cooking pasta in a Dutch oven, this grill grate has got you covered. It is compatible with various types of fire, including wood, charcoal, propane units, and high-temperature turkey burners. Prepare delicious and diverse meals with ease using this versatile campfire grill.

5. Easy Setup and Hassle-Free Cleanup:

With a tool-free assembly, setting up this grill grate is a breeze. In just two minutes, you’ll be ready to start cooking. Simply insert the bottom rod into the ground for added stability, and you’re good to go. Cleaning up is equally effortless, thanks to its user-friendly design. Spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your outdoor adventures.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your outdoor cooking experience with the Campfire Grill Grate Fire Pit. Order yours today and elevate your camping and BBQ adventures to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Pros And Cons


  • Heat resistant powder coated steel construction
  • Compact and portable design
  • Height adjustable and rotates 360° for versatile cooking options
  • Suitable for use with various types of fire (wood, charcoal, propane)
  • Easy and quick setup in just 2 minutes


  • Cannot cook food directly on the circular grill grate, requires a pan
  • Limited weight capacity
  • May require additional accessories for specific cooking needs

What Customers Think:

  • Positive:
    Customers found this portable grill and grate to be a convenient accessory for camping, making it easy to cook food over a fire pit. They appreciated the sturdy construction and the ability to adjust the height and rotate the grill.
  • Negative:
    One customer mentioned that the paint on the grill melted, despite the claim of heat resistance.

Overall: Despite a few minor issues, customers generally found this campfire grill grate to be a useful and durable tool for outdoor cooking. It offers versatility and convenience for camping and outdoor BBQs.

What Customers Think:

Here is a table of the customer review scores for the Campfire Grill Grate Fire Pit Grill Grate from amazon.com on June 11,2023.

FeatureValue for Money

Unleash Your Inner Chef On-the-Go with Our Portable Campfire Grill

Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with our versatile campfire grill. Whether you’re grilling steaks, boiling water, or cooking pasta, our heat-resistant and adjustable grill grate has got you covered.
Discover the freedom to cook delicious meals over an open fire during your camping adventures.