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Japanese Gardens: Tranquility, Simplicity, Harmony

Discover the natural beauty and cultural significance of Japanese gardens with “Japanese Gardens” by Geeta Mehta and Kimie Tada. Featuring over 20 quintessentially Japanese gardens, this book provides insightful commentary and beautiful photography that showcases the essential elements and techniques that distinguish Japanese garden design. It is a must-have for any gardening or zen enthusiast…



Japanese Gardens is a must-have book for any gardening or Zen enthusiast. This book showcases the exquisite natural beauty of over 20 quintessentially Japanese gardens, ranging from big and small, urban and rural, and traditional and contemporary. At the heart of each garden is the principle of harmony with nature, providing a place of serenity and rest filled with peaceful spots that lend themselves to meditation and contemplation.

The authors, Geeta Mehta and Kimie Tada are experts in capturing and explaining the essential elements and techniques that distinguish Japanese garden design from that of other countries. The book celebrates and illustrates the history and culture of Japanese garden-making, from classic temple gardens to public and private gardens, reflecting a cross-section of Japanese culture and history.

The book also features the photography of Noboru Murata, which showcases the beauty of each garden, bringing the reader closer to the essence of each site. The selection of well-chosen landscapes provides an insight into the different gardens such as mountain flowers, tea, rock, and bonsai gardens.


Japanese Gardens is an outstanding book that provides a glimpse into the world of Japanese gardens.
The combination of insightful commentary and beautiful photography makes this book a delightful read.

It is an excellent resource for garden enthusiasts and those seeking to understand the importance of harmony with nature in Japanese culture.

Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates the beauty of gardens, the culture of Japan, and the practice of Zen.

Other Reviews


Rating: 4.5/5

Received generally favorable reviews, with many reviewers praising the excellent photography that captures the natural beauty of each garden.

However, some reviewers have criticized the book for being more of a coffee table book, with less focus on in-depth explanations of the techniques and principles of Japanese garden design.


Rating: 4.1/5

Some reviewers have found the book to be quite heavy on the history of Japanese gardens, and would have preferred more emphasis on practical advice for designing and maintaining a Japanese garden.

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