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ROUNDFIRE Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit

Introducing the Clean Burning Roundfire Concrete tabletop fire pit!This beautiful product is made of durable, environmentally friendly concrete and features a smooth, sleek finish. The roundfire table top is easy to assemble and doesn’t require any tools, making it perfect for creating a stunning environment for fun and entertainment. This tabletop fire pit also features…


Ethanol Fire Pit, Fire Bowl, Mini Personal Fireplace for Indoor & Garden – Bio Ethanol Fuel

    The graphite-colored concrete looks superb in any setting. The marble effect base absorbs the heat of the the firestone, protecting your table and surfaces from the heat produced by the fire.
    Unlike other tabletop fire pits, this portable fire pit can burn more than one fuel type. Boethanol fuel is recommended, however, any kind of bioethanol, isopropyl rubbing alcohol or gel fuel should be used within the burning chamber for a safe, smoke-free fireplace.
    The Roundfire fire pit provides much longer burn time than other equivalent-sized tabletop fireplaces. The ceramic wool insert increases burn time and efficiency.
    This appliance is fitted with a stainless-steel burn cup to ensure that no ethanol fuel leaks and rapid cooling of the burn chamber will quickly extinguish the fire.
  • TABLE DECOR -The portable fire pit is an excellent focal point on your tabletop. Stylish design and simple to move indoors or outdoors.
    Cook Smores or create a cozy atmosphere in your living area or garden.

Roundfire Concrete tabletop Fire Pit

Roundfire Concrete tabletop fire pits provide a perfect way to enjoy an outdoor fireside experience.