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Betta SE (2023 Model)

The Betta SE: Your Pool’s New Best Friend Say goodbye to tedious pool cleaning with the revolutionary Betta SE. This solar-powered automatic robotic pool skimmer boasts enhanced core durability and re-engineered twin salt chlorine tolerant motors, making it a game-changer in pool maintenance. Designed to run on 100% solar power, it efficiently removes debris like…

Introducing Betta SE (2023 Model): The Ultimate Solar Powered Robotic Pool Skimmer

Revolutionize Your Pool Cleaning with Betta SE, the Solar Powered Automatic Robotic Pool Skimmer that Takes Pool Maintenance to the Next Level!

Say Goodbye to Tedious Pool Cleaning

Are you tired of spending hours skimming leaves and debris from your pool? Do you want a smarter, more efficient way to keep your pool crystal clear? Betta SE is the answer to all your pool cleaning woes. This cutting-edge robotic pool skimmer utilizes 100% solar power to automatically and continually clean the surface of the water, removing debris such as animal hairs, leaves, dust, pollen, and dead insects. It’s time to reclaim your leisure time and enjoy your pool without the hassle of manual cleaning.

Advanced Technology for Effortless Pool Cleaning

Betta SE is engineered with enhanced core durability and re-engineered twin salt chlorine tolerant motors. What does that mean for you? Unmatched reliability, responsiveness, and energy efficiency, making it a true game-changer in pool cleaning technology. Unlike other pool skimmers, Betta SE delivers exceptional performance in both freshwater and saltwater pools, providing versatility and convenience.

Key Features:

  • Smart Auto Clean: Automatically removes floating debris, leaving your pool spotless.
  • Ultrasonic Radar Sensors: Avoids obstacles and ensures complete pool coverage.
  • Large Easy-Clean Debris Basket: Convenient handle for easy debris disposal without removing the skimmer from water.
  • UV Resistant Body: Protects against damage caused by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation.
  • Cordless with Remote Control: Say goodbye to cumbersome cables and switch between automatic and remote control use effortlessly.
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Your Pool’s New Best Friend

Betta SE is not just a pool skimmer; it’s your pool’s new best friend. With its whisper-quiet operation, you’ll hardly notice it tirelessly working to keep your pool pristine. Its sleek design and UV resistant coating ensure it withstands the test of time, providing you with efficient pool cleaning year after year.

Why Betta SE Stands Out:

  • Efficiency Redefined: Betta SE harnesses the power of the sun to deliver a consistent and reliable pool cleaning experience.
  • Smart and Intuitive: Ultrasonic radar sensors enable intelligent navigation, ensuring no corner of your pool is left untouched.
  • Easy Maintenance: The large debris basket with a top handle makes cleaning a breeze, saving you time and effort.
  • Versatility: Works flawlessly in both freshwater and saltwater pools, accommodating various pool setups.

Your Pool Deserves the Best – Buy Betta SE Today!

Make the smart choice for your pool and join the countless pool owners who have experienced the magic of Betta SE. With a 1-year warranty and excellent customer support, you can bid farewell to manual pool cleaning and embrace the joy of a pristine pool all year round.

Experience the Future of Pool Cleaning with the Betta SE!

Dive into Effortless Pool Maintenance Today

Get Your Betta SE and Make Pool Cleaning a Breeze!