Dolphin Cayman Robotic Pool Cleaner Review: Is It Worth The Investment?

dolphin cayman robotic pool cleaner

Dolphin Cayman Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner


Description:The Dolphin Cayman Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is designed for in-ground swimming pools up to 33 feet in length.

It features a single button operation, a large capacity top load filter basket, and CleverClean Technology for efficient cleaning of pool floors and walls.


  • Easy-to-use and lightweight
  • CleverClean Technology for intelligent cleaning
  • Large top-loading filter basket
  • Energy-efficient, no hoses or booster pump required


  • Wall climbing is fair
  • Limited remote control functionality


The Dolphin Cayman Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is an easy-to-use and efficient solution for cleaning in-ground swimming pools up to 33 feet.

With its CleverClean Technology, it scans and cleans the pool’s floor and walls, removing dirt and debris effectively.

The large capacity top load filter basket traps leaves and debris, providing a sparkling clean pool in just 2 hours.

The Dolphin Cayman Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is highly regarded and efficient in cleaning in-ground swimming pools up to 33 feet, with features like CleverClean Technology and a large capacity top load filter basket.

Product Ratings

Value for money:
3 out of 5

Easy to use:
4.7 out of 5

Easy to clean:
4.6 out of 5

Suction power:
4.4 out of 5

Remote Control:
3.5 out of 5

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Welcome to our review of the Dolphin Cayman Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner, a state-of-the-art pool cleaning solution designed to make your life easier and your pool pristine. We explore the key features, performance, user opinions, price comparison, and determine if the Dolphin Cayman is the right choice for you.

Features of the Dolphin Cayman Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Cayman offers a range of features that set it apart from other pool cleaners in the market:

  1. Single Button Operation: The Dolphin Cayman boasts a user-friendly interface with a single-button operation, making it incredibly easy to use and operate.
  2. Large Capacity Top Load Filter Basket: With its top-access filter compartment, the Cayman allows for easy removal and routine filter clean-up. Cleaning has never been faster or easier.
  3. Climbs and Cleans the Pool Wall: Equipped with serious tracks, the Dolphin Cayman ensures efficient traction and effective cleaning of the pool walls, leaving no corner untouched.
  4. Waterline Cleaning: This pool cleaner is designed to tackle waterline cleaning, ensuring a thorough and comprehensive cleaning experience.
  5. Smartphone Connectivity: The Dolphin Cayman offers the convenience of smart technology with its smartphone connectivity feature, allowing you to control and monitor the cleaning process from your mobile device.

Performance of Dolphin Cayman Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

When it comes to performance, the Dolphin Cayman excels in several aspects:

  • Efficient Cleaning: The Cayman delivers outstanding cleaning performance, effectively removing debris, leaves, and dirt from your pool, leaving it sparkling clean.
  • Wall Climbing Capability: This pool cleaner demonstrates impressive wall-climbing abilities, ensuring that even the pool walls receive thorough cleaning.
  • Gentle on Pool Surfaces: The Cayman’s advanced design ensures that it does not leave any marks or damage on pool surfaces, providing peace of mind.

What’s Good about the Dolphin Cayman Pool Cleaner

There are several advantages to choosing the Dolphin Cayman for your pool cleaning needs:

  • User-Friendly Operation: The single-button operation and intuitive design make the Cayman incredibly user-friendly, allowing anyone to operate it with ease.
  • Efficient Cleaning Time: With a cleaning time of just 2 hours, the Dolphin Cayman delivers quick and efficient results, saving you time and effort.
  • Top Load Filter Basket: The top-access filter compartment simplifies filter clean-up, making maintenance hassle-free.

What’s Not So Good

While the Dolphin Cayman offers an exceptional pool cleaning experience, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Higher Price Point: Compared to some other pool cleaners on the market, the Dolphin Cayman may have a higher upfront cost. However, its performance and features justify the investment.
  • Limited Waterline Cleaning: Although the Cayman is capable of cleaning the waterline, some users have reported that it may not reach every inch of the waterline in certain pool configurations.

User Opinions on the Dolphin Cayman Robot Cleaner

Users of the Dolphin Cayman have expressed overall satisfaction with their experience:

  • Ease of Use: Many users appreciate the simplicity and user-friendly design of the Dolphin Cayman, making pool cleaning a hassle-free task.
  • Impressive Cleaning Performance: Users have reported excellent cleaning results, including effective debris removal and thorough wall cleaning.
  • Durable and Reliable: The durability and reliability of the Dolphin Cayman have been praised by users, with many noting its long-lasting performance.

Similar Products to the Dolphin Cayman

If you’re considering alternative options, here are a few products that fall within the same category:

Product NameKey Features
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Dolphin SigmaBluetooth Connectivity and Massive Top-Load Cartridge
WYBOT Pool CleanerEfficient Cleaning and Lightweight Design
Polaris F9550 Sport RoboticVortex Vacuum Technology and 4-Wheel Drive System
Ofuzzi Cyber 1000Budget Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

Who is the Dolphin Cayman Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner Best For?

The Dolphin Cayman is an excellent choice for pool owners who value convenience, efficiency, and reliability. It is particularly suitable for those who:

  • Desire a user-friendly pool cleaner with easy operation.
  • Want a cleaner capable of efficiently tackling pool walls and waterline cleaning.
  • Are willing to invest in a high-quality, long-lasting pool cleaning solution.

Should You Buy the Dolphin Cayman Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Considering its exceptional performance, user satisfaction, and advanced features, the Dolphin Cayman Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is highly recommended for those seeking a top-tier pool cleaning experience. While the initial cost may be higher compared to some alternatives, the Cayman’s performance, durability, and ease of use justify the investment.

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In summary, the Dolphin Cayman Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner impresses with its single-button operation, efficient cleaning performance, and user-friendly design. Although it may have a higher price point and limited waterline cleaning in certain pool configurations, the overall user satisfaction and reliability make it a top choice for pool owners seeking a hassle-free and effective cleaning solution.