Best Hot Tub Steps: Buying Guide and reviews (2022)

best hot tub steps

How to Pick the Best Hot Tub Steps

If you have a hot tub, you need to make it easy for everybody to access the hot tub.
Hot tub steps are a popular choice for most hot tub owners.
There are many styles of hot tub stairs, and deciding which type to choose can be a difficult decision. We hope to answer many of the FAQs concerning hot tub steps.

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What Are The Things To Consider When Buying Hot Tub Steps?

When looking to buy hot tub steps, keep the following in mind:

The Type of Hot Tub You Own 

When choosing steps for your hot tub, keep in mind the type of hot tub you have.

There are three types of hot tubs: in-ground, above-ground, and portable. In-ground and above-ground hot tubs have decks or platforms that the steps attach to, while portable hot tubs do not. 

If you have a portable hot tub, make sure the steps you choose are lightweight and easily moved.

If you have an in-ground or above-ground hot tub, you can have hot tub steps that attach to the deck or sit on the ground. 

Steps that attach to the deck or platform are more stable because they are attached to the frame of the hot tub.They may, however, be more difficult to install.

Steps that sit on the ground are easier to install, but may not be as stable.

The Size of Your Hot Tub

The steps need to be the right size to enter and exit your hot tub safely.
If the steps are too small, you may not have enough space to stand on them. If the steps are too big, they may take up too much space in your hot tub.
Before purchasing steps, measure the dimensions of your hot tub carefully to ensure they will fit properly.

The Location of Your Hot Tub

Make sure that the steps are easy to access from anywhere in the hot tub. If your hot tub is permanently installed, such as on a patio or deck, the steps should be accessible from all sides.

If your hot tub is portable, you’ll need to find a convenient and safe location to place your steps.

Your Budget

It’s critical to think about your budget when selecting hot tub steps.

One option is to purchase plastic steps. These are typically the cheapest options.
However, they are not as sturdy as other options and may not last as long.
Metal steps are a good option if you want something that will last a long time.
These are more expensive, but they are more durable and can last for years.
Finally, if you are looking for the best quality steps possible, you may want to consider wooden steps.

Your Personal Requirements

Some people need a wide step so they can easily get in and out of the hot tub.Others may require a set of steps that can be stored when they are not in use.
Another thing to consider when choosing steps is the height of the hot tub.
If you plan on using them outdoors, you will want to choose a material that can withstand weather conditions.

Our Top Picks

Best value hot tub steps: Puri Tech

Best hot tub steps with storage: Confer Pastics Storage steps

Best hot tub steps with handrail: MODSTEP 4-TIER

Best separate hot tub handrail: Zomofew 63

Do You Need Steps For a Hot Tub?

The smooth curves and seats of your hot tub are wonderful when you’re in the water, but they can make it more difficult to get in and out. 
It’s very important if you have older people or children using your hot tub to make it safe to enter or exit.

Many modern hot tubs will have a step-in section that you can use as a step to enter the water, but it is often not immediately apparent to them where it is.
By using stairs outside the hot tub, you will have a non-slip surface to help with safe entry into your spa.

Of course, if your hot tub is built into the ground or has a patio and decking built around it, you do not need any steps.

How High Should Steps Be For a Hot Tub?

If the hot tub is only 36 inches tall, no stairs are needed to enter the hot tub. However, steps do make entry easier.
Steps are strongly recommended if your hot tub is a 42 inches tall model.

The best way to enter and exit the hot tub is to use stairs that are the same height or slightly lower than the height of the hot tub.
Hot tub steps work best if they are either level with the height of your tub or roughly seven inches below the top, to form a step.


There are three main material choices when it comes to hot tub steps;

  1. Plastic is simple to maintain, but it may fade slightly over time. Plastic steps are also not as strong as some other options if they are likely to be taking a lot of weight.
  2. Metal hot tub steps tend to be more expensive than plastic steps. Look for steps that are powder-coated to prevent rust. 
  3. Wooden steps are often made from cedar, which resists decay and splitting. They are generally expensive, but there is no denying they look great.

Other Considerations

  • Storage – Having a place to store your essential hot tub chemicals and accessories is very useful. Be careful that children cannot access the steps if chemicals are stored inside.
  • Handrails – Although handrails can be bought separately, purchasing a hot tub step with built-in handrails may be cheaper and easier to install.

Best Value Hot Tub Steps: Puri Tech Universal

Puri Tech Universal hot tub steps

image courtesy of Amazon

This is an excellent option for anyone who does not want to spend a lot of money on hot tub steps.

The steps are made to complement any shape and size of a hot tub. The steps are UV-protected, so they will fade in the sun. They are virtually maintenance-free, barring a quick wipe-down.

The treads feature a wavy pattern and are non-slip to prevent falls or slips.

There are three color options: dark grey with black, espresso with black, and black. The steps themselves are not as attractive as some other hot tub steps, but this is to be expected with budget hot tub steps.

Installation of the steps is very simple; they lock into place for added security.

Other Options: Aquarest Spastepa @ wayfair

Best Hot Tub Steps with storage: Confer Plastics

hot tub steps with storage

image courtesy of Sears

These confer steps are a great choice if you need storage and have room for these hot tub steps.
The faux wood finish is non-slip and has wide treads making getting into your tub a breeze.
near with a wood finish for a safe, easy entry into your spa or hot tub. Slip-resistant grooves on the steps allow for safe climbing even when wet.
The plastic used in these steps supports up to 300 pounds and is extremely durable.
The built-in flip-lid storage compartment is perfect for storing your hot tub accessories and is easily removed for cleaning.

Other Options: Aquarest Spastepa @ wayfair

Hot Tub Steps With Handrails

Hot tub steps Handrail

If you have a hot tub, make sure that you are taking steps to keep yourself safe while using it. One safety step is installing handrails on the steps leading into and out of the hot tub.

Handrails provide support as you walk up and down the steps, which can help prevent falls. Hot tub handrails are not just for the elderly; they can also help keep small children and pets safe as they enter and exit the hot tub.

Hot tub steps with handrails are crucial if your hot tub is on an elevated deck or if the steps are steep.

Best Hot Tub Steps with Handrails: Modstep 4-Tier

image courtesy of

Hot tub steps with handrails are surprisingly thin on the ground. Stand alone hot tub handrails are much more prolific.

The Modstep 2XL is a very sturdy set of steps that feature a built in handrail. 
The top step of these steps is a very large 24″ x 34″. The top step is made from a non slip rubber, great for safety when exiting the tub.

The handrail is very easy to install, its very chunky and stable.

These steps have been tested to with stand up to 800 lbs.
The powder coated frame will is made of rust free aluminium.

Other Options: Aquarest Spastepa @ wayfair

Best Hot tub Separate Handrail

ZOMOFEW Hot Tub Safety Handrail – 63”

hot tub steps with handrail
image courtesy of

Summary: Add a custom hot tub handrail to your spa and make getting in and out of it easy and safe. It is designed to fit any above-ground hot tub or spa.


  • Features a handy rotating handle, simply twist a knob to change the handle angle.
  • Chunky handrail that is made from stainless steel, which should last for years.
  • Slips under the hot tub, so it does not need to be attached to your hot tub.(It is probably easier to slide under a drained hot tub, but many customers have managed to slide it under a full hot tub).


  • You may have to drain your hot tub to install under the hot tub.
  • Chunky handrail that is made from stainless steel, which should last for years.
  • Slips under the hot tub, so it does not need to be attached to your hot tub.(It is probably easier to slide under a drained hot tub, but many customers

Why we love it: Good value, easy to build and install hot tub handrail.


  • Stainless Steel construction with a non slip rubber grip.
  • Powder Coated Finish